Save Money on your Edinburgh Wedding



We’ve been encouraged by celebrity culture and slick advertising to spend more and more on our wedding days. According to recent surveys, the average cost of a wedding is nearly £21,000 ($32,000) compared to £600 ($900) in the 1960s – and that’s after the figures have been adjusted to account for inflation. Now, a new survey has suggested that the amount couples spend on their wedding is in direct proportion to the likelihood of their filing for a divorce. In other words, a big-budget, flashy wedding could actually have a negative impact on your relationship.

Edinburgh, with its historic architecture and romantic reputation, is a popular wedding destination for couples from all over the world – and popularity translates into sky-high prices. So how can you ensure that your big day in the Scottish capital is a huge success without busting the budget and ending up as a survey statistic?

When it comes to reception venues, try thinking outside the box. Edinburgh’s Holiday Inn, for example, might be best known as a hotel and business centre, but the site is ideally located between two golf clubs and close to Edinburgh’s city centre. Better still, it offers a selection of inclusive wedding packages for as little as £999 and can host parties of up to 50 people – perfect for an intimate celebration on a tight budget.

Although the venue is likely to be your biggest expense, those little extras can really add up. Flowers are often a budget breaker; and then there’s the bridesmaids’ dresses and the photographer, not to mention the expense of having the bride’s hair and makeup done on the morning of the big day. A good first port of call if you’re looking to save on the smaller costs is Groupon, a ‘deal of the day’ website that has regular deals on health and beauty.

Of course, there are plenty of money-saving wedding tips that can help reduce your expenditure wherever you’re based in the country. For a start, look at your guest list. Do you really need to invite all those ex-work colleagues and family members that you haven’t seen since you were two years old, or would you be better off keeping your day small and personal? Have you got talented friends who can help you out for free by making wedding invitations, arranging flowers or even assisting with the cooking or photography?

Finally, of course, the internet has revolutionised wedding planning by opening up access to a host of fabulous bargains. More and more brides are opting to buy their wedding dress from eBay and sell it on afterwards, but if you’re keen to invest in a designer number then check out online factory store The Outnet. The site stocks last season’s designer dresses with discounts of up to 70%. It’s perfect for shoes and bridesmaid’s dresses too.