Top Wedding Trends for the Modern Bride

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Top Wedding Trends for the Modern Bride

Organizing your wedding day is a full time job; it requires a lot of careful planning, a lot of trying, tasting and testing and an enormous amount of patience if you’re a perfectionist who just won’t settle for anything less than amazing. Any bride will agree that the lead up to her wedding day is a rollercoaster of emotions and a lot of hard work in bringing everything together.

While some brides have dreamed of a white wedding since the age of 7 and know exactly what they want to have in every department (bridal dress and bridesmaids dress, the color of the flowers, the cake and the venue), others may not have a clue of where to start.

Not everyone has dreamed up the finer details of their wedding so check out the hottest wedding trends to get you started, inspire your creativity and help you plan the perfect wedding.

Going green – more and more brides are being drawn in by the green wedding theme. This is perfect for any couples who are passionate about being eco-friendly and now an environmentally friendly wedding has become the chic thing to do. Keeping your wedding simple and green couldn’t be easier and The Green Bride Guide have a fantastic kit to get you started.

Vintage weddings – the vintage look is extremely hot right now. The vintage theme can sometimes save you money if you already have an old wedding dress in the family, or if you have some vintage themed decorations you could use on your big day. You might not necessarily want to be seen in your mum’s wedding dress, but (with her permission) there isn’t any reason you can’t have it altered into something perfect, starting a new family tradition.

Detailed wedding cakes – According to Bridal Guide magazine, cakes are becoming much more intricate when it comes to the detailing. Modern cakes have passed the minimalist ‘block colours and a ribbon’ look and now feature a lot of pretty mini-sculptures and gorgeous designs that can only be appreciated close-up.

Personalize It – just like the vintage theme or the eco-friendly theme, more and more couples are seeing the sentimental benefits of having DIY weddings. A special day with lots of personalized special touches; hand written name cards, handmade centerpieces, homemade cakes and desserts. You can even go so far as designing your own wedding jewellery and gifts for bridesmaids with the current charm trend – using online stores such as Gift & Wrap makes this a cost effective option.