Bridal bouquets for tossing

You know the moment in which the bride tosses her bouquet. The tradition is very well known, but we think that we should talk a little bit before going to the main subject of your review. That moment is definitely a special one due to the fact that every single woman attending the wedding will feel some chills before the bride will toss her bouquet.

Here’s how things are done: the bride takes a bouquet, other than the one that she carried to the altar and all day long (and we’re going to explain why) and she turns with her back against the “public”, the public consisting of the single women. The one that will place her hands on the bridal bouquet is believed to be the next one that is going to get married. We sincerely don’t know how true this is going to be, but we sure hope you’re the one who gets married.

Why will the bride substitute the original bridal bouquet with another? Well, there are multiple options that need to be taken into account: like the fact that hers can contain multiple jewelry applications and this can get rather unpleasant, maybe she doesn’t want to renounce to it or she simply wants to keep the bridal bouquet as a memorable object from her big day.
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Here’s where we intervene in the series of bridal accessories and we suggest to you some examples of bridal bouquets, which are especially realized in order for being tossed, these are made in a gorgeous way and we’re sure that you’re going to consider them in the same way!

This first one is realized only of metallic suppers with glittery applications in the end and all around you can observe the ruffled applications, which are made of semi transparent fabric and really ruffled in the same time. This bridal bouquet is tied all around with a semi transparent ribbon and with a bow detail and this is certainly going to create a great visual effect. The other thing that we want to mention about is that besides in white, this bridal bouquet can be found in blue, ivory, pink or gold.

If you want your bridal bouquet for tossing to look even more vivid, then this following model will certainly please you. We’re speaking about one that is designed of metallic supports that look exactly like flower threads and in their ending you can observe the flower detail, which is made of fabric and with glittery applications in the middle.

Here and there between these roses you can observe pearl applications and additions of semi transparent fabric, which is really ruffled in the same time. This bridal bouquet is tied up with a shiny fabric that has a bow detail and in its middle there’s this flower application that is made of glittery stones.