Essential things to know about the bridal bouquet

Bridal bouquets…. We all love them and they are kind of a badge for the bride in the biog day. We haven’t seen a bride not having with her a bridal bouquet on the way to the altar. Take into account that such a wedding flower arrangement has to look flawless and on top of all, you have to make sure that it’s designed in such a way as to make you complete and be a resemblance of your personality.
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It’s important to know from the start what flowers to use in your bridal bouquet, if they are your favorite ones, or you have simply picked them to make the look complete, in order for it to go with the other details that were chosen for the wedding reception or the religious ceremony.

essential things to know about the bridal bouquetCredit
Essential things to know about the bridal bouquet

Peonies are really great for being used in a wedding flower arrangement. These have big blooms and in the same time, they ensure you have a royal and elegant look. Note that you have to make sure that the size of your bridal bouquet is appropriate for the wedding gown that you have on. What do we mean by this? Well, certainly if you have a fabulous gown, you wouldn’t want it to be covered by the bridal bouquet, would you?

Also, the manner in which you carry the bridal bouquet is really important: you have to make sure that you hold it in such a way as to permit the others to observe what you wear and the beauty of the dress. The bigger the bridal bouquet, the less there will be seen of your wedding dress.

If you really want a voluminous bridal bouquet, here is how it’s done: place the stems of the flowers in a criss-cross manner and in this way it will be round and voluminous in the same time. The next thing is to put a wax lace and fix the stems that good, as for them to form a unitary compound. Take the ribbon, probably of taffeta or silk and wrap it all around the wedding flower arrangement not forgetting to cut the stems as for the bridal bouquet to remain short in length. The other thing that you have to do is to fix the ribbon with the help of pins and for an extra interesting effect, make sure that you place a contrasting ribbon over the first ribbon and in this way it makes it look gorgeous.