Tips To Pick A Photographer Who Puts Soul Into Your Wedding

“If there comes a time when we can’t be together, keep me in your pictures we will stay there forever.” The line echoed in my head as I finished savoring the memoir of my grand affair through the pages of my wedding album.

In my opinion, your wedding pictures perhaps remain the only tangent remnant of the first step towards your happily ever after (apart from the face you wake up to every morning, of course!). From the venue covered in blooming orchid coteries to the angelic wedding dresses, luscious looking food, wide grins of the relatives, and everything in between; there’s too much that call to be cherished again as you flip through each of the captured memory. While every couple is aware of the importance that these pictures hold, not all of them pick the best hands for the camera, either due to their lack of knowledge about the art or in the haste of the moment. To resolve the above dilemma we here have a few tips that would help you to pick a photographer that puts soul into your wedding.

Where To Begin?

To find the best man for the camera, begin with understanding the theme and style you want your wedding to be covered in. Figure out, whether you want your wedding photographs to appear like an excerpt from an old documentary or you want to adorn them with a hint of fashion. This will not only clear your vision, but also narrow down your focus and save a lot of time.

Know His Expertise

Remember, the photographs you preserve might be the only memory that remains 20 years down the line; therefore, make sure the person you have given the responsibility is the master of his art. While seeking a wedding photographer, scan through all the pictures of the events he has covered, and ‘not just the best ones exhibited in his showcase’ You don’t necessarily have to pick a person with ample experience, sometimes it’s the creativity and enthusiasm of the raw minds that serve the purpose well.

Hire The Style, Not The Stardom

In the haste of In the haste of finding a suitable photographer, couples often pick someone who is too experienced in his style but fails to match their story scene eventually.

While going through the portfolio of the photographers, observe closely the kind of photographs they have put on display. Think about how you want your dream wedding to look like and compare your dream scene with the pictures you see in their portfolio.

Enquire About The Equipment

I completely second that the skill of the photographer counts, but the outcome and the quality of the photographs depend largely on the equipment being used by the professional. The cameraman doesn’t necessarily need to carry the most expensive camera, but having a good set of equipment is imperative. Apart from gauging the quality of the camera used, make sure that the photographer is carrying along the necessary backup. Nothing could be worse for a cameraman than missing out half of the pictures because he isn’t carrying any spare tool in his kit.

Know your Photographer

This person is going to paint the beginning of your ‘happy ever after’, but how would he know what kind of paintings do you fancy? The key to have a ‘great photo album’ is to spend a ‘great time’ with your photographer pre-wedding at the venue. Every wedding is unique and every couple has their own story which demands to be reflected in the pictures. To get the best outcome, spend ample time with the photographers before the wedding! The more they know about you, the more will be the chances to get the images you’d love.

When it comes to finalizing the photographer for your wedding, there are no tips set in stone to pick “the right one”. The desired result will come your way when both of you will work cohesively as a team for the D-Day! With this I am wrapping up the post, hope the given tips would help. Good Luck, and thanks for the read!