Setting the wedding budget

If you ask a freshly married couple about their wedding budget, they would offer you an approximate sum due to the fact that they are never going to know for sure the exact money involved in the big event. Realizing the wedding budget for the bridal day is indeed a hard task and thing to do, but with our help and a lot of patience, you are going to end up with the appropriate solution for the most important day of your life – and in this way, maybe see how many of the things need to be reduced or cut.
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So, you may be dreaming of an open air wedding or one that takes part in a hotel, but you don’t have any idea on the exact budget of such an event.

setting the wedding budget
Setting the wedding budget

First of all, you have to start with “analyzing” who is going to pay for the wedding. For this matter you have to maintain discussions with the family on who is going to pay for what parts, whether or not the family of the bride is going to pay the bills entirely. In most of the cases, the bride and the groom talk separately with the families and we find this solution more appropriate, because in this way there will be discussions avoided.

Here are some helping hints that are going to be useful whenever you speak with the families:

  • Mention just how much you are willing to spend as the bride and the groom
  • Ask both parts involved in the wedding, the bride’s family and the groom’s in what parts they intend to spend money
  • You need an approximate sum and the family should mention their idea of money involved

Next, comes the discussion on how much you need to get those particular assets, it’s similar to when you are buying household hardware. Do you want an approximate price of a wedding ceremony? Well, the costs are estimated to go somewhere around the price of $25,000, but you can get higher depending on what style you want the wedding to be.

You probably made a list of the things that needed to be paid for, in order to make the things clearer, here are the parts you need to pay for:

  • Wedding reception
  • Wedding ceremony
  • The attire
  • The florist for the wedding flowers arrangements and not only
  • The DJ and the entertaining part
  • The wedding photographer
  • The stationery
  • The wedding rings
  • The transportation
  • The wedding favors( or gifts)
  • Think of a backup fund
  • The honeymoon, if it isn’t a gift from others

Besides the support of your families you have to do your best when it comes to the wedding budget, and so you have to save some money. Put aside a small sum every time you have it and in an approximately a year you can end up with a gorgeously filled pocket.

In case you are thinking of how else you can save money, we would like to suggest to you:

  • Reducing the costs for fun, like to avoiding clubs, pubs or bars
  • You can also renounce to some clothes or accessories that you think are not necessary for your wardrobe
  • Avoid eating in town, prepare something in your household, it’s healthier and cheaper

Sometimes, the little savings that you make will turn out to be much more effective than renouncing to something that you really need and that is more expensive.

Up to this moment you might have made a general idea on how expensive a wedding is. As long as you fix your wedding budget and stick to it, there will be no problems when it comes to paying the bills and fees.

We would like you to take into account other tips that concern wedding budget:

  • You have to make a list and get as organized as possible and you have to limit your costs in the budget as well
  • The most successful weddings have resulted from the perfect understanding between the wedding vendors and the directly involved ones
  • Take the budget with you, this means carrying the card or even cash and every time you go out and stumble into something useful, you purchase it.
  • The list of “wanted” and “I can renounce to this” items – this means to cut expenses where you know it’s possible

The budget weddings involve lots of hard work and on top of all, lots of communication between the members of the family as well as between the bride and groom.