Bohemian Hen Weekend Ideas


There was once a time when a hen party celebration was simply an evening out with your closest friends, however recent years have seen a profound shift in what women get up to, and a hen party is now one of the biggest events in a woman’s life.

Consequently, this change has introduced much more choice when it comes to deciding on where to go and what to do for a hen weekend. Further, the choices available have become much more diverse making it feasible to do almost anything from chocolate making in London and zorbing in Edinburgh, to yachting in Marbella and clubbing in Ibiza.

If you’re looking for a hen party which breaks away from the norm, providing the opportunity to do something unique, unconventional and get in touch with your bohemian side, then here’s a selection of ideas to consider;

1920’s Vintage Parties

An increasingly popular hen weekend idea is to recreate the essence of past eras – from the hair, make-up and fashion to the way of life.

In particular the 1920s is emerging as a top choice of period and makes for a great excuse to get dressed up with your friends. The ‘roaring twenties’ as it is also known due to the prosperity that followed post World War I, meant that there was more variety in fashion in every sense, from the hair and make-up, to the introduction of dresses and accessories. It was a glamorous period which is what makes it so enjoyable to emulate and combine with a hen party.

Dress up and go for a Charleston dance class learning the dance moves from the 1920s such as the bee’s knees and the windmill – it’s guaranteed fun!


For a really alternative and adventurous idea then why not go for a boutique camping trip? The emerging phenomenon of ‘Glamping’ enables you to enjoy the outdoors whilst still enjoying a few home comforts. Essentially it’s a way of camping with a bit of added glamour!

The advantage of going for a glamping hen weekend is that you can tailor every aspect of the trip to your personal taste, choosing where to go and what to do when you’re there. You can go for a pure outdoors experience, enjoying nature at its best through walks and campfires, or you can choose somewhere that’s closer to a town or city, venturing out to find somewhere to eat or an activity to do.

In the end, this is a great way to spend quality time with your closest friends which is what the traditional hen party was all about.


If you enjoy camping and don’t feel the need for the added glamour of glamping, then combining a music festival with a hen weekend is ideal.

With a whole weekend of fun already mapped out for you from live music, delicious fresh food and drinks, all available on tap, with organised parties by night, it couldn’t be an easier way to organise a hen party. Simply buy the tickets and you’re away!

Plus, for a bit more luxury than communal camping at festivals, there is always an option to pay a bit more for comfort, such as teepees or yurts which are already set up for you when you arrive. They often provide bedding, have private access to toilets and showers, and further, mean you all get to share the experience together.

Cottages and Houses

Another way to enjoy a bohemian style weekend is to hire your own cottage or house, benefiting from staying together in one space, which feels comfortable enough to feel like home and unfamiliar enough to still feel like you are doing something different. Plus, you have all the luxuries from hot showers, to plug sockets for your hair dryers!

With a cottage or house hire you have total freedom on what you do too. You can cook your own food, organise your own games and go on country walks at the same time as arranging for a company to come to the house and do an activity with you such as cocktail making or pampering.

Houseboat Hire

This is a really unique way to celebrate a hen party. Available in many destinations in the UK such as London, as well as overseas such as Amsterdam, hiring a houseboat gives you a completely distinctive space to enjoy with your friends.

Enjoy the rural backwaters and canals whilst stopping off at pubs along the way. The advantage is that you can escape the city and enjoy the seclusion of the waterways. However, if you do want to combine the experience with an activity or a night out then a city is never too far away.