Top Tips To Feel Beautiful On Your Wedding Day

There’s a big difference between being beautiful and feeling beautiful. Being beautiful is an easy thing to achieve if you have the money for it. Feeling beautiful, however, is a completely different challenge. It’s something you need to work at. So, if you’re looking to feel beautiful, here are some tips to follow leading up to your wedding day

Take time to destress

When we’re stressed we can feel like the sky is falling, that everything’s going to go wrong and that our wedding day will be a disaster. Stress can have all sorts of effects on our body, including spots, ulcers and achy muscles. This is why it’s important to destress regularly during the planning process. Take warm baths, do some light yoga and meditate, put away all things ‘wedding’ for an evening and spend some calm, quality time with your partner. There all sorts of ways for you to destress and it’s up to you to relax your way. Feeling happy is an important part of feeling beautiful, so don’t let stress ruin your big day.

Invest in some good quality beauty products

Now is the time for you to finally ditch the moisturiser you’ve been using every day for the past five years. If you can’t splurge on your wedding then when can you? Good quality moisturiser, exfoliator, cleanser and toner should be used leading up to the wedding, starting at least a couple of months before. You want to give it time to take effect and hopefully you will find your skin is smoother and brighter than it’s ever been when the big day finally arrives.

Skin treatments

No two people have the same skin. We all have little flaws and conditions that rear their ugly head every now and then, so now might be the time to consider getting some proper treatment. LED therapy is great for red, inflamed skin and it’s easy to find a clinic for stretch mark removal treatment. Going that extra mile can really make a world of difference on your special day and sometimes it takes a little bit extra to get us feeling our best. If it makes you feel more confident then it’s all worth it.

Fix your diet

Your diet affects your body in surprising ways and it often isn’t until you fix it that you realise just how unhealthy you were. Ditch the wine and pick up some green smoothies to avoid blotchy and dry skin and stained teeth. To get your hair looking thick and silky soft give yourself a protein boost, supplementing saturated fats for healthy fats, like nuts and avocados. Generally, clean up your diet and avoid all the things your mother warned you about; alcohol, caffeinated drinks, sugar and processed foods. You’ll feel better inside and look better outside.

Don’t give in to other people’s opinions

It might sound mean, but ultimately this is your day. Your look on your wedding days should be just be an upgrade from your normal self rather than a complete transformation. If you feel comfortable about the way you look then you’ll feel beautiful. So, no matter how many times your mother tells you how lovely you would look with a sleeveless dress and a bob haircut, don’t give in just to please her.