5 tips on getting the perfect day makeup for your wedding

At her wedding day, the bride must look like an angel, like a sophisticated and elegant woman, who commences a new stage in her life. Actually, the art of makeup could be seen, besides the aesthetic side, as a means of portraying a new, different and improved person. In the following lines we shall reveal you a few steps in getting a beautiful wedding day makeup.

The first step, concerning the day makeup, is using a good foundation. This will even out the skin tone and will hide the following imperfections: skin blemishes, dark circles or blackheads, that being the reason why this product is essential to a day makeup. It is important to choose a more fluid foundation that adapts perfectly to your skin, without making its presence felt. Apply this make up basis towards the jaw line,​​ with a makeup sponge or with your fingertips. Because it’s your wedding day, we suggest you the $40 professional Make up Forever which will prepare your skin for this busy day.

After that, you should trace the outline of the upper eyelid as close to your lash line, using a gray eyeliner pencil. Then, highlight your lower eyelids with the same pencil, starting from the outer corners of your eyes.

Very important: make sure you won’t highlight them completely, but only three quarters! Use a thin brush for makeup to apply over the traces, a thin layer of gray eye shadow.

The third step implies the application of one or two coats of mascara, from lash roots to tips, in a zigzag movement. Do not use too much mascara for your lashes, otherwise, they will seem vulgar and loaded! For more intense look and for the effect of bigger eyes you should contour the interior of your lower eyelids with a white eyeliner pencil.

The fourth step, in getting the right day makeup for your wedding, is choosing a natural colour for your lips. Therefore, choose the colour of the pencil close to your lip contour. Then, start contouring your lips from the middle to the outside. After contouring, apply the same pencil over the entire lip, which will provide a good grip for the lipstick.

In the end, add a little colour on your cheeks with a suitable blush or with a tan powder. Finally, apply the lipstick with a lip brush for makeup and for a bit of shine, use a transparent gloss!

I am sure that you will be gorgeous and everybody will admire you, so enjoy and have fun.