bride makeup

Learn which are the hottest make up tips

You know that we are always in touch with the latest news, especially when it comes to bridal make up tips. So, we would like to share with you what the designers think it is hot, elegant and appropriate in terms of bridal make up in 2011. Thus, after a thorough study of 2011 fashion we have found out that the designers have outlined three main directions in make up: nude make up, intense lips and smoky eyes.

Nude make up. As you probably already know nude make up is very popular among brides. The quality of highlighting your features and at the same time avoiding the mask effect and that of the loaded skin makes it ideal for any type of face and any style.

The key of getting a wonderful nude make up is represented by a perfect skin. Apply a moisturizing face cream then, wait for it to be absorbed into the skin and then apply the foundation with high covering power. The blush emphasizes the naturalness of this type of make up, defining your cheekbones. You should choose a slightly iridescent blush in natural tones of pink, caramel and peach. You can go for a set of false lashes to define the eyes.

Colour your lips! Red lips have regained their place in the fashion trends since the last season. It was of no surprise, when the polished look of the late Marilyn Monroe established itself among the spring-summer trends, including also the bridal department.

In order to highlight this style, use a liquid ink on the upper eyelid eye! Draw a thin line, closer to your eyelashes. Apply white makeup and a little shimmer on the surface of the eyelids, and in order to maximize the contrast, use a set of false eyelashes! Next you should sketch out the outline of your lips: it will give strength and it will enhance the lipstick’s colour. After that apply a red lipstick with a thin brush in order to draw your lips, without exceeding their line!

Smoky eyes. This look is a symbol of sensuality in the art of makeup. To maintain a discreet note specific to wedding makeup, you would opt for softer tones rather than black.

The combinations of pink and chocolate, purple and amber or sallow tones are ideal in this case. Make-up artists choose to emphasize the eyelids using a black kohl, but they avoid, in the case of the bride’s look, internal lining.