Make-up tips for your bridal fall appearance

Your bridal image tells so much about you; it says whether you are happy with your choice, or if you are anxious about the new life that is waiting ahead. Therefore you have to be very careful how you choose to apply your make-up, which shouldn’t be too over charging, but which shouldn’t either be too fade.

Also, as far as this topic is concerned you have two possibilities: either you choose to hire a make-up artist, who will definitely improve your appearance, or if your wedding budget is too limited you must do it by yourself. Don’t worry, it won’t be that hard, just watch many make-up tutorials, until you will find the one that will really help you exhibit a great image.

Our idea, concerning this issue, is that brides getting married in autumn should use some colours appropriated to fall shades. Therefore, go for some warm colours, such as: copper, dark gold, light brown, which will totally help you acquire that bridal image you have long whished for. Besides that, you should match these make-up shades with the colour of your eyes. So, if you are a brown eyed bride the dark gold will beautifully complement this nice shade. Whereas, in case you have blue eyes the light brown will be very suitable, and as far as green eyed ladies are concerned, they should totally use a copper shade.

Another thing which should concern brides getting married in fall, from the make-up point of view, is that they should expose a clear skin; which is why they should pay attention at how they choose to take care of this aspect. It is highly recommended that the night before the wedding day, the brides should make a gommage that will prepare their skin for the make-up products. In that way, the bride’s skin will look fresh and perfect for this important event.

Next, you will have to apply the perfect foundation for you (i.e. for your skin tone), in order to expose that fresh appearance we have previously mentioned.

All you have left to do is to apply the suitable make-up shadows that will complement the colour of your eyes. Put a faded shade of lipstick on your lips; apply some mascara on your lashes and your bridal fall look is completed.