Bride doing her makeup

Five little secrets for perfect bridal lips

Everyone knows that the appropriate lipstick adds a splash of colour to their skin tone, but what we would like to discuss with you in this article is the means you will have to use, in order to achieve this great look, using a beautiful lipstick.

Thus, it goes without saying that you will have to do a lot more than just simply applying your lipstick. Anyway, you shouldn’t worry because you don’t have that much things to do. There are five simple secrets that will get you closer to the beautiful bridal look you have always desired.

I believe you have heard about the moisturizer secrets that will assure you a beautiful look. Thus, before applying the lipstick you must moisturize your lips. Use a balm or cream, apply a thin layer and then wait a few minutes, for the cream to penetrate the skin.

Do not forget about the proportions. If your lips are red or brown the eye makeup should be natural: apply a trace of eyeliner to obtain a beautiful shape, a beige, gold or cream blush, grey eye shadow for your eyelids and mascara to elongate and bend your eyelashes.

Do not forget to match the blush with the lipstick. If your lipstick is red, your blush should be in the same shade. Do not use pink or orange! If the lipstick is orange, your blush should be in terracotta tones.

Also, use the foundation secret. In order to stay on your lips, apply first a thin layer of foundation or powder. For a perfect matte appearance add a layer of powder over the lipstick. But handle it with care and make sure that you will stretch it very well.

And the last secret concerns the contour of your lips. Make sure that it is as close as the shade of your lipstick. If you can not find a lips’ eyeliner in the same shade of your lipstick, use a thin brush or the sharp edge of lipstick.

Follow these five little steps and you will see that your lips will be beautiful throughout the whole day and night. Also, talk to your makeup artist about these little secrets, in order to make sure that him/ her will use it and will help you acquire the look your desire.