Bridal makeup 2

We’ve got some other suggestions on how you can look in the most important day of your life, the biggest day…. So, we came to the conclusion that you shouldn’t take into consideration only the dress and accessories that you’re wearing, you have to take into account browsing for hairstyles and makeup styles as well.

Apply makeup foundation on your face skin and make sure that your face has a warm glow. Another important thing is to add blush in your cheeks and make them look fresh. In this particular makeup style all the accent is placed both on the lips and eyes. The lips are highlighted with the help of lipstick, which is matte and you highlight your lips with it in a gorgeous manner.

The eyes are also important! You can highlight them with the help of a bright tone of eye shadow, which is applied underneath the arcade. Add a line of eyeliner and this is how you’re going to highlight your gorgeous eyes. Another thing that we need to mention about concerns the lashes, which have to be highlighted with the help of mascara.

It’s a fine look and gorgeous looking in the same time! It’s a pity if you don’t take it into consideration for the time being….

There’s also a gorgeous combination with the red lipstick that we’ve just mentioned about and some other bright colors on the eyes. The colors used on the eyes can have a metallic touch and they’re really bright and gorgeous looking in the same time.

In order to highlight your eyes you can also apply for false eyelashes on the superior lashes and on the inferior ones just add a thin layer of mascara.

So, the colors for which you can apply for adding on the eyelids are definitely: orange, purple, pink, baby blue, red and these in combination or not with a thin line of eyeliner. It’s indeed an interesting combination and we’re certain that you have a general idea in what it concerns it.

All the examples and suggestions that were brought up in this article are taken from Christian Dior’s collection and we’re certain that you like all of these pretty much.

Let’s also mention that the red lips are a must have in such a look and we’re sure that you like this idea as well. This is a combination of retro with modern accents and you end up with a really interesting look. It doesn’t matter for what you decide to apply for we’re sure that the effect is dazzling and these are gorgeous examples when it comes to bridal makeup.