Bridal makeup

The future bride shouldn’t read only about her wedding dress or the accessories that she can apply for, she has to take into account all the aspects surrounding her aspect and look and she has to keep in mind that she has to browse for numerous makeup styles that make them look gorgeous and good looking. Not only for clothes there are presentations and catalogues, we found some interesting examples from Versace and we’re sure that you’re going to find these interesting enough.

We start with this first suggestion in which there are used bright color tones around the eyes and the makeup style looks so great, that you won’t even notice that she has some other makeup products on her face, besides the eye shadow.

Start with applying makeup foundation on your skin face and make sure that you’ve covered all the unpleasant parts and all the details and so on. Make sure you contour your brows and make them look gorgeous. Also, the dark eye circles should disappear and make sure that you have a matte look without imperfections.

You have to simply take the purple eye shadow and spread it around your eyes, for extra effect add mascara on the superior and on the inferior lashes as well. Finish with adding a faded tone of lip balm, or even a transparent one and that’s it!

Try adding as much purple tones on your eyes as it’s possible. You can apply for using a purple crayon in the exterior side of your eyes and make sure that you blend it with an eye shadow and the visual effect created is really interesting as well. Also, make sure that you use a dark tone of eye shadow underneath the arcades and this will definitely seem an interesting makeup style.

Don’t forget to contour your brows with the help of a brown crayon and this adds extra intensity to your eyes. Another thing that we need to mention concerning the makeup style exposed is that you have to use mascara and highlight your lashes as much as you can and this will definitely make your eyes look intense ad gorgeous in the same time.

Besides the purple tones you can apply for using pink tones and maybe lighter ones in the internal corner of your eyes. Add mascara on the superior and on the inferior lashes as well and in order to make your eyes pop out you can definitely apply for adding a white crayon layer on the inferior eyelid. It’s indeed a series of interesting makeup styles and you can definitely apply for these in your wedding day.