wedding cake toppers

Wedding Cake Topper Ideas – Let’s Get Creative!

wedding cake toppers

Once upon a time, probably when your parents and grandparents married, a plastic bride and groom with a tulle arch over them was pretty much the only wedding cake topper choice any one had.   Today, there are a lot of ways to give your wedding cake a crowning glory – something personal that shows your style.

Let’s get creative with cake topper ideas from a professional cake chef.

Organic Fresh Flowers

For atop the cake  and, really, anywhere you please on your cake, there are gorgeous options for organic flowers, greens, and herbs  to use.  Not only are they beautiful (and pesticide-free, so they won’t deposit toxins on your wedding cake), but they also have meaning!  From celebrity brides and royalty, to the average bride, women work with their florists to personalize their bridal bouquets, wedding cake flowers, and every flower in their ceremony and reception.  For instance, pink roses are symbols of friendship and happiness, red roses symbolize love.  A red peony, devotion.   Rosemary, remembrance.  You can be endlessly creative with these possibilities.

flowers wedding cake top
Ideas For Using Organic Fresh Flowers As a Wedding Cake Topper

Gum Paste Flowers

These are a more expensive option, as they are very labor intensive to sculpt.  But, when placed in an airtight container, they will keep indefinitely.  Gum paste flowers can replicate any flower found in nature, when fashioned by an expert sugar artist.  There’s no issue of wilting with gum paste, as there can be on a hot day with fresh flowers.

wedding cake topper
wedding flowers cake topper
Photos Courtesy Jacqueline Melenda and Laura Goldenberger Photography 
gum paste flowers
Gum Paste Peony Flowers Used As A Wedding Cake Top

Porcelain Toppers

There are beautiful porcelain Irish claddaughs and Celtic knot toppers, intertwined hearts, love birds or doves with their necks intertwined, Lladro-type (a Spanish porcelain) and also white porcelain figurines.  Then there are customized, personalized  sculptures of the bride and groom – even depicted engaged in their favorite activities, hobbies or careers.   These are a less formal style than the Lladro or white porcelain style cake toppers, but are great for those who want a custom keepsake. You can find sites selling/creating these personalized toppers here.

porcelain wedding cake top
Porcelain Wedding Cake Top
unique wedding cake toppers

Fresh Fruit In Season

If you have a specific theme, you might want to choose fresh fruit in season to compliment that theme.  For instance, a vineyard wedding lends itself well to champagne grapes.  You just have to make sure that your wedding will take place when they are in season.

Fruit Cake Top
Using Fresh Fruit as a Wedding Cake Topper
wedding cake topper

Bling it On

For those who just have to have everything bedazzled, there are also  initials or monograms encrusted in rhinestones or Swarovski crystals, otherwise known as wedding cake jewelry, which make a contemporary statement.

cake topper
monogram cake top
Monogram Wedding Cake Top

No matter what your wedding style or interests, there’s a cake topper option that fits for you.  There are so many choices available, you’re bound to find something you love!

What sort of cake topper will you be using? What’s your favorite topper? If you have questions about wedding cakes or how to top them go ahead and comment below and I’ll answer personally.