A Bit Of Pink + Grey Wedding Inspiration

A pink and grey wedding is romantic, it’s whimsical and there’s a slight bit magic thrown in too. From the reception details, to the fresh florals to the bridesmaids, this color dup has such a charming presence. Let’s take a look at some inspiration.

53d822196f855$!600xJust look at this mix of soft greys and popping pinks in this more casual scene.

53ff793c25eee$!400xEven the men could daw this color pairing with ease, style and sophistication.

54af0a4fb555f$!400xThese muted petals go well with a more formal, charcoal finish around the reception.

545bbaebaca83$!400xThere’s something quite fairy-tale like about these hazy dresses and blush petals, don’t you think?

548bcfbc15f85$!400xLook how unique a set of invitations can be when colored in tones other than the standard.

54af0a89e301a$!400xHere’s a gorgeous example of a romantic piece for tables at your reception, we’re in love with the bit of shine.

554d30ef0f086$!400xA bouquet full of blush and dusty miller is another great example of the storybook appeal this duo can have.

5447b88e22e00$!400xRemember a wedding’s details are more than just flowers and dresses, take a peek at this guest board!

55159ff2d1311$!400xYou can go as formal as you’d like with these tones, or as subtle and casual.

545bbae69eaed$!400xThe benefit of this duo is it’s irrefutable charm and romanticism, perfect for a wedding day.

photos via SMP