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Seasonal Wedding Flowers: A Short Guide


Most brides want their  flowers to match the season the wedding occurs in, which makes….well, perfect sense! If you aren’t exactly sure which flowers belong to which seasons, check out our short guide and enjoy picking the right blooms for your upcoming nuptials!


Winter weddings are super-romantic, but many brides feel there isn’t a huge selection of flowers to choose from. Yet never fear–plenty of options are available! Some that come into season during chilly weather include amaryllis, which you can use with holly to create ah-mazing centerpieces, as well as cymbidium orchids. While the latter is available year-round, you’ll get the best price for them during winter. Other tropical flowers widely available during cold months include tropical anthuriums, or you can try red dogwood stems and tactile pussywillow stems to create arrangements.

winter wedding orchids


Nature comes back to life in the spring, and since the season is all about birth and renewal, it’s ideal for weddings. Among the many blooms available in springtime are peonies, Lily of the Valley, forsythia, daffodils and tulips. Peonies are available in open and closed blooms; just tell your florist if you want them open.

tulips spring wedding


Another season brimming with flowers, summer options are many and include delphiniums, gladioli and columbine (aquilegia). Irises are available in late spring through the summer and work well in assorted displays. Other options include bright bouquets filled with pink roses and lime green chrysanthemums, or displays featuring snapdragons (Antirrhinums).

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Fall is synonymous with rich reds, burnt oranges and stunning yellows, and it’s entirely possible to purchase arrangements with all of these hues. You may want to infuse fruit with your displays, such as crabapples and Chinese lantern fruits. Other autumn bloom possibilities include dahlias and ornamental cabbage.

wedding fall dahlias

Additional Tips

It’s perfectly okay to go with non-seasonal flowers for your wedding, however you will get the best prices and the freshest blooms when you buy in-season. Flowers available year-round include roses, lilies, tropical flowers, orchids, gerber daisies and anthuriums.

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