Tips for Making Sure that your Wedding goes Smoothly

They say organisation is the key to success, never has this been truer than when planning a wedding. Whilst wedding planning can get rather stressful, there are several things you can do to make sure that your wedding goes smoothly, here are our top tips to make sure your wedding day is perfect and goes to plan without a glitch:

Planning all the big stuff well in advance is crucial. Most venues are booked up over a year in advance so if you have somewhere specific in mind, organising it as soon as possible is vital. Once you’ve secured the venue for your specific date, send out your save the dates and worry about ordering the official invitations later. These are the big things you need to plan well in advance to avoid any last minute problems.

Select the members of your wedding party
Selecting the members of your wedding party up to a year before the main event is important. This way you’ll hopefully not be let down by anyone at the last minute and you’ll give everyone time to accept or decline their roles. From your maid of honour to bridesmaids, the ushers, best man and flower girls, everyone will need time to prepare themselves and once everyone has accepted it will be much easier to start organizing together.

Book catering and music
Once you have a response from people who are attending the wedding you’ll have a rough estimate of numbers which will make booking the catering easier. Caterers get really busy in wedding season so thinking about what kind of food you’d like and who you would like to do your catering and book them at least 8 months in advance. Once catering is sorted, looking for a DJ or band to play at the reception is crucial.

Produce a gift list
Guests will want to shower you with gifts to celebrate your big day and it’s highly likely that you’ll get lots of phone calls and messages asking what you’d like. By creating a gift list together as a couple you’ll be able to easily let guests know the kind of gifts you would like and it avoids those awkward conversations. Cox and Cox has an amazing selection of homeware as part of their guest gift list service which would help decorate your home and be the perfect way to start married life.

If you’re really worried about things not going to plan, one of the best ways to make sure that your wedding goes smoothly is to hire a wedding planner and create a timeline of your pre-wedding events.