Things you didn’t know about the makeup for blue eyes

We have many great ideas, regarding the makeup for blue eyes that we’re sure you’re going to like pretty much and we’re also certain that you’re going to apply for in the future time. Also, these aren’t hard to realize and we’re sure that you have some similar ideas to the ones presented up to this moment and that concern makeup.
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We start with blond haired women with blue eyes. It may sound like a classical one, but it’s great looking in the same time and we’ve got some pieces of advice in what concerns their makeup. For these we recommend the focus on the eyes and this can be realized with the help of some cosmetic products. So, you have to use blue eyeliner, blue eye shadow and a lot of mascara. Begin contouring your eyes with the help of the eyeliner and do it in the interior side of the eyelids. Continue with adding the light tone of eye shadow on the superior and on the inferior eye lids as well.

The next thing is to use the crayon all around your eyes and contour them in a very gorgeous manner, make sure that they are highlighted roughly. Finish with adding mascara on the superior lashes and the inferior ones as well.

As for the lips, we recommend you to use a pink tone of lip stick, one that recalls the sweetness of lollipops and that has a creamy texture.

Smoky eyes makeup is ideal for blue eyes when it comes to going to a special event or being really sexy in the same time. Blue eyes go really great with black and dark grey into realizing a great looking smoky eyes makeup. Start with contouring your eyes with the help of black eyeliner and on the upper eyelid draw a thicker line of this product in order to focus all the attention towards your gorgeous eyes.

You can do all the procedures mentioned previously after spreading grey eye shadow on the surface of your superior eyelids and you can play with it on the inferior ones as well. Finish with adding extra layers of mascara and you can be sure that you’re going to look simply divine with this makeup style on!

The lips should remain nude or at least, try using a pink lipstick that has a nice texture and we’re sure that this will definitely confer you a nice look!