Decorating With Mason Jars: Shabby Chic Weddings

Create a warm, cozy and trendy wedding with some mason jar additions. Shabby chic fashion and rustic vibes will always need these essential pieces to make it com full circle. Check out our favorite ways to incorporate these cuties into the day’s decor!

stephanie_kelly_153$!600xHaving an outdoor wedding? Have the glasses a “grab and go” of sorts when dinner comes to call.

dsc_9826$!400xDip them in golden glitter and stuff them with gorgeous flowers.

52fa80917aae1$!400xAdd some lush florals and then line the walkways with these beautiful fixtures.

52fa8096583eb$!400xMix and match them on the reception tables for an eclectic centerpiece style.

5355407b91aca$!400xReally jazz them up with some gold, metallic flavors and sprinkle them around the celebration.

52cd9fc515921$!400xMark VIP seating with popping arrangements inside some of these easy-to-decorate with essentials.

533d87f34692d$!400xGuests can find them table, get their wedding favor and has their glass for signature cocktails all in one breath.

531d68f49cca7$!400xSpecialty drinks look so much more delicious in funky arrangements, don’t you think?

5278f27ecff57$!400xLine up family-style seating at your reception this gorgeous and creative way of utilizing classic mason jars.

531093d2a5253$!400xMason jars don’t have to be used just in the summertime, just look at how it blends in with winter scheme!

photos via SMP