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Modern Color Schemes for the Fashion-Forward Bride

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In the midst of buzzwords like “shabby chic” and “rustic,” it’s not as common to find timeless, modern weddings. It’s the unique choice to make, to go with a sophisticated, fashion-forward celebration. From classic black and whites, to crisp reds, we’re here to share some modern color schemes that are not only gorgeous and contemporary in style, but are a bit outside-the-box in choice. Duos and trios of colors can all be stylized and used in modern, chic ways. Let’s get inspired!

Poppy Red, Fuchsia & Pink

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Feminine and bold, there’s nothing too delicate about this gorgeous setup. The mix of reds, pinks and purples makes for such a vibrant and vivacious, picturesque place to celebrate. It’s formal and luxurious without being kitschy or expected. If you’ve got a knack for dramatic style, this scheme could fit you and your big day  just right. Wow your family and friends with this special and playful design idea.

White, Pink & Green

Modern White Wedding

We love how this color scheme pulls in some organic and refreshing beauty. It has a youthful vibe and not as formal as its predecessor. But, formality doesn’t mean modern. It’s clean and concise, but also an outside-the-box approach to creating a contemporary, fashion-forward wedding. This is a perfect choice for a couple whose style is more trendy by nature, it’s also a great choice if you’ve decided on a spring, daytime wedding or even something that will be held outside.

Blue, Black & White

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A timeless color trio that will never go out of style, royal blue, crisp white and a deep, dark midnight will take on a fresh, contemporary approach to the usual soft and girly day of decor. Fit for a queen, a downtown hotel or even an evening in the park, these shades certainly place well together. This trio is much more traditional in style, so if you considered yourself a traditional bride wanting and creating the perfect bridal experience, this could be the scheme for you!

Yellow, White & Cream

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Modern style doesn’t always mean sharp edges and hard surfaces. Sometimes, a modern, fashion-forward style can be just as touchable as the most romantic and delicate of design ideas. We love the combination of white, cream and a pop of happy yellow! We also love how easy these shades fit within a giant scope of venues and themes. From garden parties to country clubs, yellow always finds a sunny spot to shine.

Lavender, Purple & White

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Purple is known for its royal feel, so it’s only natural that a sense of luxury and high-brow style is evoked when used throughout wedding day decor. And the mixing of shades and complimentary white tones not only create a sense of drama, but also a bit of sexiness too. Purple certainly isn’t a color that’s closely associated to weddings, but you’d be surprised how bridal your celebration will be when a bit of these tones are added to it.

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