Weddings and your ideas

I order to make your wedding special and gorgeous looking in the same time you have to bring it interesting details and elements that are going to offer it a different air, one that is really can’t be compared to any other weddings. If you search in your head with attention then it means that you’re going to end up with some really gorgeous details and elements which we’re sure you’re not going to regret applying for….

For example, you have to know that cherries and limes are really searched for, or colored ostrich feathers or crystal garlands.

weddings and your ideas

In what concerns the wedding favors, some examples of combinations can be- candles adorned with bows or dry flowers- in the case of some flower arrangements in the same tone, small honey jars personalized- in the case of a wedding with a gold color, jelly beans in boxes in shape of butterflies, wrapped around with ribbons made in the same tone and arrangements- in the case of a wedding with butterfly theme.
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It seems that the bride and groom are more and more pretentious and that the wedding is tight with the professional life, passions and special cities. So, receiving the guests with a paper dedicated to their lives up to that moment, decors with golden lamps or the theme “Paris toujours l’amour” are some other elements and details that are asked for.

Now that we’re speaking of combinations and merging it seems that green is on top of all. This one is added to the color of salmon or lilac tone as well as the turquoise or violet or you can even apply for white in the natural theme.

Also, the first ones would add on the list of the colors from this year- ivory, blended with any other color or chosen very simple….

The other elements that we want to mention about relate to daring combinations, like orange with pale pink, lilac tone with violet and indigo, and the last ones suggest close colors accordingly to the theme: cream- brown- pink( vanilla and chocolate theme), white-golden( milk and honey theme).

weddings and your ideas 2

There are some other daring combinations that you can apply for, like pink with black or any other dark tones, like purple and brown. The originality consists in the wedding favors– because the wedding favor is your gift for the guests.

Coffee beans that bring to the idea of your daily procedures or flower petals that present your preference towards plants punctuate better the style specific to the couple and every little detail that wears your pattern can offer originality to your wedding and this is what the people in charge of organizing weddings admit….