Spotify’s Top 10 First Dance Wedding Tunes

wedding songs list
photo credit: Alessandro Baffa via photopin cc
wedding songs list
photo credit: Alessandro Baffa via photopin cc

Looking for that first dance wedding song sure to make everyone in attendance sniffle? Spotify analyzed some 30,000 wedding playlists to predict which songs couples pick for their first dance as hubby and wife. Check out what made the cut and get inspired!

10) ‘Make You Feel My Love,’ Adele

Penned by non other than Bob Dylan, ‘Make You Feel My Love’ is a classic covered by Billy Joel, Lea Michele and probably a few others in addition to Adele. The last track on her 19 album, this tune might be one of the most romantic songs ever written.

9) ‘Then,’ Brad Paisley

The country superstar’s ‘Then’ song is from his American Saturday Night album, and features lyrics such as “And I just can’t believe the way I feel about you girl/ Like a river meets the sea, stronger than it’s ever been/ We’ve come so far since that day and I thought I loved you then.”


8) ‘First Day of My Life,’ Bright Eyes

From the album I’m Wide Awake, ‘First Day of My Life’ is a Bright Eyes song with lyrics such as “I think I was blind before I met you/ Now I don’t know where I am/ Don’t know where I’ve been/ But I know where I want to go.”

7) ‘Everything,’ Michael Buble

Buble’s smoother-than-smooth voice is a welcome addition to any wedding playlist, and when’s he’s talking about how his girl is “everything,” you know there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

6) ‘A Thousand Years,’ Christina Perri

If you’re going to love your significant other “for a thousand years” and would have waited that long to be with the person, Perri’s song off the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack is ideal.

5) ‘Better Together,” Jack Johnson

Found on the barefooted singer-songwriter’s 2005 In Between Dreams album, ‘Better Together’ is all about being inspired by the person you love.

4) ‘All of Me,’ John Legend

A more recent wedding favorite, Legend’s slow, romantic song from his fourth studio album is dedicated to his wife, Chrissy Teigen.

3) ‘You Are the Best Thing,’ Ray LaMontagne

The first single off the folk singer’s 2008 album Gossip in the Grain, ‘You Are the Best Thing’ includes the lyrics, “Baby, we’ve come a long way, baby/ You know, I hope and I pray that you believe me/ When I say this love will never fade away.”

2) ‘I Won’t Give Up,’ Jason Mraz

From the album Love is a Four-Letter Word, ‘I Won’t Give Up’ is one of many romantic Mraz tunes. “When I look into your eyes/It’s like watching the night sky”? Nice!

1) ‘At Last,’ Etta James

The classic song by the one and only Etta topped Spotify’s list, and with good reason. If your love has come along “at last,” go with this iconic tune.