Your best friend and sister are getting married. What a cause for celebration! But now you are left having to produce a best man speech brother.

How can you conquer this epic task?

Simply, if you just follow our handy guide, below.

We will let you in on the structure your speech should take. We will give you an example of a speech you can use. Lastly, we will also tell you where to get more help in crafting your speech.

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As the brother of the bride and friend of the groom, your speech can look like the traditional best man speech. Let people know who you are and your relationship to both the bride and groom. Mention how great your sister looks. Then talk a bit about your relationship with her.

You can get a bit funny with this part. Next, talk about your relationship with the groom. Insert a funny story or joke. Next, congratulate them both. Be serious for a bit while you talk about their relationship and the ceremony. Offer them both some funny or serious advice if you would like. Then, give the toast.


Good evening. I’m William, Cassie’s older brother and Theo’s best friend. I knew this day would come. For a long time, even, I feared it. I would stand before a crowd at Cassie’s wedding.

Then I would look the man she had chosen in the eye to say, “You are not good enough for my sister. Go home.” What I didn’t expect was to be standing here as Theo’s best friend and to be admitting that he is pretty worthy of my sister, if anyone is. Even if he did need a bit of help (from me, of course) first.

Knowing these two for as long as I have, I am surprised that they both clean up so nicely.

Really, though, Cassie, you look beautiful. And Theo, you are not looking too shabby. I still cannot believe that I managed to get you here today looking so good. Am I a great best man or what? You owe me one, sis.

But speaking of owing people one, Cassie, I owe you lots. You have shown me just how strong a woman can be. I have always admired you for your love of others. For the easy way you make friends. For how smart you are. When it comes to anyone, man or woman, you are one of the best humans I have ever known.

Theo, on the other hand, has had his issues. I am actually surprised that he chose someone as cool as my sister to spend his life with. You couldn’t have done better.

And I say that in all sincerity. After meeting some of your past girlfriends, I have been really concerned for your health, both mentally and physically.

But I do want to say congratulations to you both. I could not be happier. I know how daunting and rewarding a marriage can be. You are both about to do the most exciting thing you have ever done in your lives. Everyone, let me present Cassie and Theo. Join me in a toast in their honor.