The format of  wedding speeches is invariably important. The content of the speech needs to be meticulously planned out as it is not merely a wedding speech for your best mate’s wedding, but it is a memory in making.

Before adding your own anecdotes to make the guests love your speech, be sure you have covered the ground that is common to all wedding speeches.


  • The introduction
    Only a few guests in the room are likely to know you unless you are a celebrity so before you get to the business of making a speech, introduce yourself to everyone.
  • The “Thank you”
    Say a note of thanks for the wedding organizers.
  • Use a funny story
    Don’t try to bore the guests to death. Make the speech lively with some jokes about the groom and it is traditional, after all. You can add funny stories from past or childhood to make the speech all the more interesting.
  • Give a funny advice
    In a coat of humor (can also be serious), offer some marriage tips for the newlyweds and try to deliver funny wedding toasts.
  • Compliment the bride
    Don’t forget the bride. Add some salutary remarks and compliment her in your speech.
  • Finish with your toast
    At the end of the speech; leading the guests in raising a toast to the new couple is conventional.

Remember, your friend is counting on you to make his wedding a memorable event of his life; so you must put your best efforts to make it perfect and unforgettable for him.

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Wedding is the most auspicious event of one’s life. The wedding toast is simply the icing on the cake for this beautiful occasion. Those few words that come straight from the heart hold special importance for the couple. The wedding toast is mostly cheers by the parents, the best man (the Groom’s honor attendant) and the maid of honor (the bride’s honor attendant).

Most of the times, the best man is the groom’s bosom friend who has always been with him throughout his life, so he knows all the little cute secrets of the bridegroom. His speech is based on all their past experiences and moments that they have shared and cherished together.

Humorously playing with words while delivering his funny wedding toast; he makes everyone smile by sharing some funny incidents and weird habits of the groom. Not only that, his closeness to his mate also allows him to share some valuable advices and rules of the game that the couple should follow for their future life.

The funny wedding toast raised by the maid of honor is also very aspiring and emotional. She talks about her association with the lady of the night while sharing some beautiful moments that they have spent together.

The sweet speech delivered by her with tears in her eyes may turn the atmosphere joyous and mawkish at the same time. Knowing her best friend very well, the bridesmaid can also give some comical tips for the groom to keep the lady in white happy and cheerful.

The father of the bride also raises the toast for the romantic couple using sensitive and touchy words. He speaks his heart out for his sweetheart and shares the affection with his little princess, all grown up and dressed as a bride on that special day.

The father expresses his deep love for his dear daughter. Finally, he ends his speech and wishes for a prosperous and happy life of the bride and groom. The groom also raises his toast thanking all for their kind words and best wishes.


Even the most confident of the speakers is bound to get palpitations when faced with the ordeal of making a best man speech at his best friend’s wedding. However, the funny wedding toasts can make even the shortest of speeches the most memorable ones. Hotshot humor is not what a best man speech needs for it is not a one man show.

It is the anecdotal experiences that can grip the attention of the audience, laughing as you laughed, crying as you cried.

Here are some of the tips on embellishing your best man speech with a bit of humor.

  • Don’t fake it and be yourself. A few memorable and funny stories from the past that you shared with the groom are the trick. You don’t have to go out all the way to make up funny stories (and get into trouble with the groom later!)
  • A few sarcastic comments under the cover of humor like “he’s going to kill me afterwards for letting this on” etc. will do the job.
  • Don’t prolong the speech unnecessarily with a stack of funny stories. If you sense that the interest of the guests is waning, cut the speech short.
  • You can talk about a few unusual hobbies of the groom warning the bride to be careful.
  • Don’t share any experiences that may upset anyone in the room.
  • Never talk about any past experiences of the groom with other women even if they are funny because the groom may get into trouble with the bride later on.

You will stop the music in the middle of the reception and you will take over the speakers for a few minutes, so you must keep your audience engaged and for this you need to deliver funny wedding toasts instead of dry speeches without any humor.


Are you preparing to deliver a maid of honor or best man speech at a wedding reception? Humor and some funny examples can be a great addition to your wedding toast and a funny wedding toast will be having more charm for the audience. Every person loves a truly funny wedding toast!

You need to engage the audience and also honor the lucky couple you are toasting, not to embarrass the newlyweds or to create your own stand up routine. We have put together some of the examples of funny wedding toasts to help you create a memorable wedding toast.

  • May the happiness of the blissful couple remains complete and their marriage prosperous and long, also the every wedding speech is shorter and funnier than mine.
  • A happy marriage is always a matter of give and take in which the husband always gives and the wife always takes.
  • No matter, how often a married man changes his job because he still ends up with the same boss.
  • The best quality of a perfect wife is that she will help the husband with the dishes.
  • The secret of a successful and happy marriage always remains a secret.
  • We all love being married. It’s really great to find that one special person, we want to annoy for the rest of our lives.
  • Marriages are made in heaven, but so are thunder and lightning.

Addition of humor into your wedding toast is a fun way to let your loved ones know just how happy you are for them. The funny wedding toasts delivered by you will make everyone laugh and feel joyful!


If you are planning to tie the knot soon, you must be caught up with a million little chores to make your big day a special and perfect one! While all the decorations, food, dresses, venue and arrangements to make your wedding stand out, there is one more thing that is needed for this very special day.

Yes, you are right; it’s the much anticipated wedding speech that can be even more special and memorable if it’s a funny wedding toast!

This speech is like a special little talk where you articulate your emotions, feelings and memories. It’s once in a ‘life time’ kind of expression, and indeed you need to make that meaningful and flawless. Well, you do not need to worry anymore because we will help you deliver this special speech of your life.

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So don’t worry about your speeches and enjoy the wedding. Just visit the website and let it do the task for you. Put your best foot forward with these examples and stand out amongst the crowd with your eloquent speech.


Wedding speeches are an excellent opportunity to make a prolific expression and display a gratitude towards an attending audience. All the near and dear ones are expected to deliver a wedding speech. Unfortunately, public speaking is not a comfortable experience for everyone.

If you’re planning to deliver a speech at your friends/siblings/cousin or your own marriage, you can achieve it with little deal of planning and practice. Here, you will find a few ways that can greatly help you achieve a self-pride of expressing your heartiest feelings to cultivate growing relationships with the attendees.

Mean it

For delivering the best speech you must feel the sensation and adrenaline rushing through your blood vessels for making it real and backed up with a gambit of emotions.

Have Something Good to Say

In order to deliver a good speech you must first dive into the mental bank of ideas and appropriate choice of words to express your deep feelings. You must formulate the mental sketch of your message as such that it reflects truthfulness of your feelings for the relationship and with the person.

Write Down Your Speech

If you are not feeling confident to recall it directly from your memory, the second best way is to write down the whole speech or key ideas on paper at least three weeks before the wedding day. Yes, take it seriously just like you did your college assignments. This time is enough for you to write any extra stories if you have skipped that earlier.

Main Part Of Speech

Before writing on paper you should gather some ideas about what thoughts you are going to share with the guests and also some good memories of you and your loved ones. Wedding speeches are given to honor and not to embarrass the person, so skip the irreverent things and cherish the good memories.

The main theme should be the relation you are sharing with the bride/friend. The main talk should be about the couple and not about you as that is ‘their’ special day.


You should practice in front of a mirror or a video cam before the big day, it will raise your confidence and also you will be able to improve on impediments. Practicing the speech half a dozen times can greatly elevate your confidence.

Keeping Notes with You

If you fear forgetting the key message, you can practice by writing down your speech so you may refer to it anytime when you forget from somewhere.

Say It Well

Lift yourself up with a good spirit of well-being. Take deep breaths to maintain a mental balance and it will help in eliminating the stage fright. If you have something good to say, you must say it well.

Be Brief but Concise

Remember, it’s a toast and not a roast so be polite with the couple or wife in case you are the groom and remember the joy and cherished memories you had.

You need to be polite and precise while delivering the speech because a long speech may wander the attention of the guests. Do not tell a crackling joke at the beginning of your speech, you may include that in the middle, but telling jokes in the beginning may make you look cocky.

Body Language

Adapt a comfortable posture, slightly lean towards the audience and use confident body gestures, such state shall help you to deliver the message with all its effectiveness.

Thanking Family and Friends

Do not forget to express gratitude towards all the attendees and thank them for listening to you patiently.

End the Toast On A Positive Note

In the end make a special toast to the person you are addressing, a key phrase reflecting onto the memory with the person, a quote, poetry or merely bidding him/her best of luck shall be a mandatory part of the speech.

It would be better and more appealing if you add a pinch of humor in your wedding speech as well.
So, the perfect funny wedding toasts can spread happiness in the touching and most wonderful moments for the auspicious couple and their loved ones!