Sample Best Man Speeches – All You Need to Know

You are the best man!  One of the things you need to prepare for the wedding is the speech. It should be the best also. ?  Writing the speech with a nice twist can be tough. You can find some great sample best man speeches on our website and a perfect one in this article. If you still don’t feel confident enough with the result we recommend a great information source here.

For the best man speech to be perfect, it must have the right emotional balance. You must be able to make everyone laugh during the start of the speech, and make at least some of them emotional at the end. You should not go for the tears right away.

A good best man speech should include a joke about the groom, about how nervous he is making the speech or about the organization of the event.

The anecdote must be something that is accessible to everyone. Avoid telling a story that only you and the groom can understand. Inside jokes must be avoided so that everyone can relate to the story.

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The structure of our proposed Sample Best Man Speeches

Introduce yourself. During this part of the best man speech, you can choose to be humorous, sincere, or edgy. It depends on your personality and that of the bridge and groom. The intro must also state your relation to the groom. You can check our sample best man speeches below to find ways on how you can introduce yourself to the other guests.

The best man’s speech starts with an opening line. You can opt to please everyone with your opening line, or tell a self-deprecating icebreaker. This is the part of the speech wherein you get the attention of the other attendees.

Then make a funny wedding observation. It can be an anecdote of something that happen while you were preparing the speech, during the stag party, something that happened during the ceremony, or any other observation that you think will be make people listen to the speech.

According to  some sample best man speeches we reviewed for this article, the next part is when you do a character assassination of the groom. You introduce the groom to everyone in a way that other people might not know about. You can choose from a light-hearted ribbing or a full-on attack. However do not be too hard on him! ?

One of the essential parts of the best man’s speech is the amusing anecdote about your friendship with the groom. You can tell the guests about how you met, your first impressions, or how long you have known each other.

A best man speeches can also include some words about the relationship of the newlywed couple. It can either be entertaining or humorous. No matter what you choose to use, it is important that people can relate to.

Then set up the tribute to the groom. Tell the guests about what a good friend he is, and that you are honored to be chosen as his best man. You can also tell them how the groom has inspired you to become a better person. And don’t forget to compliment the bride, as well as the couple as a whole.

The final part of the best man’s speech is the closing lines. You should choose to be sentimental when ending the speech. Then you should thank the groom for making you his best man. You should also thank the guests for coming, as well as for their gifts. And finally, you should present a toast for the newly wed.
This Sample Best Man Speeches not enough? Click here to add the WOW factor to your speech with our Step by Step Guide

Sample Best Man Speeches

Here is a good sample best man speech:

Hello, everyone. Thank you for giving me your full attention. For those who don’t know who I am, I am the best man. And before anything else, I just want to take a couple of seconds to thank the parents who are responsible for this special occasion. And just like most of you in attention, I’m just here for the free food.

I have the privilege of knowing the groom for many years now. We used to be in the same class at school and ride the same school bus. Growing up, he was responsible for developing my sense of humor. And while I tried to write a funny speech, it is the groom’s fault why it is not.

We have shared a lot of fond memories. He used to be my partner in crime, and he will tell me anything, even after he was already dating the bride. All the times we have spent with other has given me the right amount of material to write this speech.

Yes, I’m the guilty one who organized the stag party last night. And just like what we have promised, no one will open his mouth about what it is like to have a lap dance. Those girls really know how to party.

Throughout the years, the groom and I have remained the best of friends. Even if we had spats from time to time, we still remain the best of friends. And when he met the bride, it seemed like a lot of things changed. We go out less often than before. And if ever we go out, the bridge tags along. I’ve never seen the groom so much happy until that day you came into one’s life.

As you two embark on this new journey, I hope that your happiness lasts forever. And as we celebrant this momentous occasion, I ask everyone to lift their glasses and give a toast to the newlyweds.

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